We thought we’d share a few behind the scenes photos from the frenzied, but fun production of Sweet Prudence & the Erotic Adventure of Bigfoot.

With only a few days to shoot the entire film the production was pretty exhausting, especially on the actors. Amazingly they never complained once, and are eager to do it again.

The primary location was a beautiful Ontario nudist resort, with lakes, woods, pool and of course a twelve person Jacuzzi, which would be featured prominently.

One of the first scenes shot was Heather O’Donnell’s character practicing Yoga while talking on the phone.

Fortunately Heather is actually a Yoga Instructor.

Everyone likes to have their picture taken with Bigfoot, which was very considerate and patient of him considering that it’s 95 degrees outside and he’s roasting in that costume.

What can you really say about this shot?


Some behind the scenes shots of the soon to be infamous Bigfoot love scene

The lake was beautiful – a perfect scenic location.


BUT the water was not that warm. Getting the shots we needed required everyone to get wet.

The end result was great – worthy of any genuine horror film.

Even though they never complained once you can tell the actresses were happy to finally get out of the chilly water.

Shooting a five person love scene in a Jacuzzi can be challenging. We actually held off shooting for an hour to install a water safety “Kill switch” in the room – Not electrocuting the cast is very important.

Our final day was spent indoors, where we shot a very athletic love scene with inverted handstands and other “stunts”. The choreography was interesting and the cast had a great time working out the blocking.

And to wrap things up, click here to view some miscellaneous photos for your amusement.