Populated by naked babes and a hairy, horny beast, writer-director William Burke's goofy, good-natured softcore celebration feels like a relic from an altogether different era… Some sort of huae ape-like creature that leaves behind big footprints has been spotted near cottontail Resort and Prudence (Angie Bates), a pretty yet ditzy wannabe-cryptozoologist, decides to investigate, accompanied by her nympho roommate (Albina Nahar) and hot ex-boyfriend (Michael Slade). Prudence is the type of gal who doffs her clothes for no apparent reason. Then again, so do all of the female cast members, including the resort's lovely owners, New Agey nudists Flower (Heather O'Donnell) and Ginger (Lynzey Patterson). Meanwhile, our roving Bigfoot (Daniel Moshe Johnson, inside a surprisingly decent monster suit) likes to beat off as the women practice yoga in the buff and soon becomes smitten with lisping Prudence, even as a jerky Sasquatch expert  (Luke Gallo) secretly plans to kill the creature for a million-dollar bounty. When Prudence is captured by this beast with the foot-long schlong, she  learns its true nature (and they also get it on, of course) … In an all-too-rare occurrence, this is sexploitation with an appealing cast and an honest-to goodness storyline! But Burke also manages to find some excuse every 10 minutes or so for an enthusiastic sexual encounter, expertly lensed for maximum steaminess. SWEET PRUDENCE is a wonderfully silly romp that delivers the perfect blend of raunchiness, humor and retro charm.