Bigfoot Erotic Fiction

There’s more of it than you would think!!!

Prior to producing Sweet Prudence and the Erotic Adventure of Bigfoot we were unaware that a segment of the population has been having sexual fantasies about the big man for quite a while. So if you’ve already watched Sweet Prudence on Cinemax or On Demand or MAXGO (shameless plugs) here are some other entertainment avenues to explore.

We’re not talking about the few Bigfoot joke porn videos that have popped up over the years, but rather a whole literary realm of smoking hot prose about Bigfoot and the women who desire him.  Ironically, most of these gems were actually written by women.

If you’re someone whose libido tingles just thinking about a Sasquatch encounter you should take a trip to where an array of short steamy Sasquatch stories await you.  You can browse the more obvious titles like “The Taste of Sasquatch” and “A Whore for Bigfoot” or if you crave a more traditional romantic tale you can try “Sasquatch-Love in the Night”.  Actually that one is pretty graphic too.

Be advised that these are all pretty raw stuff, and the sexual descriptions make “Sweet Prudence” seem like a vintage Harlequin Romance.

The Litererotica site is made up of amateur writers and fan fiction, so if you tire of Bigfoot gangbang tales you can move on to explore the sexual antics of your favorite Star Trek characters.  I never knew so many women harbored fantasies about the cast of “Star Trek Voyager”. Brave new worlds indeed!

For a professional writer’s take on Cryptozoological carnality you can sample the works of Virginia Wade, who has written no less than five volumes of “Cum For Bigfoot”, all available in Kindle editions, so you don’t risk someone finding the paperback tucked away in your sock drawer.  Her books are available on Amazon and the fan reviews praise her highly.  Oh…apparently Volume 5 is the best of the series, but resist the urge to skip ahead so the characters can grow on you naturally.

To learn more about the literary world of Virginia Wade check out –

I bet we have not even scratched the surface on Bigfoot erotic fiction, but at least you have a good start.  All of these books will be perfect for your next camping trip.