We had a great cast on Sweet Prudence, so we thought we would share Lynzey Patterson's audition. She was beautiful and great and in our minds landed the part before she left the building. See a lot more of her on Cinemax in Sweet Prudence and the Erotic Adventure of Bigfoot. Continue reading
Here at Sweet Prudence Central we believe in giving credit where credit is due, and with that in mind we wanted to tip our hat to the greatest and most dedicated researchers of the Bigfoot phenomena – The Weekly World News. Without this sadly defunct monument to fine journalism Bigfoot might never have graduated from a piece of folklore to having his own allegedly factual documentary television series. Continue reading
A short history of cinematic Sasquatch sexuality A tender moment from “Sweet Prudence” Well, it appears Sweet Prudence and the Erotic Adventure of Bigfoot (now playing on Cinemax television) was not the first film to mix erotic hijinks with Bigfoot lore. That shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, after all it’s the classic tale - Bigfoot meets girl, Bigfoot loses girl, Bigfoot gets girl back and performs an array of wild sexual positions - so of course its irresistible to filmmakers. There are not a lot of these Sasquatch crotch operas, but we thought we would give a spotlight to the most prominent ones. Continue reading
Prior to producing Sweet Prudence and the Erotic Adventure of Bigfoot we were unaware that a segment of the population has been having sexual fantasies about the big man for quite a while. So if you’ve already watched Sweet Prudence on Cinemax or On Demand or MAXGO (shameless plugs) here are some other entertainment avenues to explore. Continue reading
Sweet Prudence and the Erotic Adventure of Bigfoot, the all new feature film from the producer of the hit erotic series Lingerie & Forbidden Science, now available on MAXGO, Cinemax's Video on Demand Channel! Continue reading
Sweet Prudence & The Erotic Adventure of Bigfoot (2011) Movie Review by Duane L. Martin, Rogue Cinema. When Bigfoot is spotted at a nature camp, Prudence (Angie Bates) and her hot friend Veruca (Albina Hussain) who runs her own sex blog head out there along with Prudence's friend and classmate Mike in hopes of getting proof and finally scoring their degrees in crypto zoology that Prudence cost them once before when she got bored and started masturbating just as they were about to get proof of the Loch Ness Monster. Her noisy orgasm scared it away. Continue reading
Behind the Scenes/Blooper Reel from the making of Sweet Prudence and the Erotic Adventure of Bigfoot! An eight minute collection of video outakes, including some fun "blocking the sex scenes" moments (in case you've ever wondered about that) plus some malfunctioning wardrobe, flubbed lines, and an overly eager sound-man. If nothing else you'll see pretty people laughing a lot, while wearing very little. Continue reading
Exclusive Horrornews.net Interview with Angie Bates, the star of Sweet Prudence and the Erotic Adventure of Bigfoot by Mike Joy. Continue reading
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All the critics are sweet on Prudence

"There's a truly quaint retro-Russ Meyer vibe running through it that makes it a fluid drenched joy to watch"

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"There actually is a lot of humor here and most of the time it actually hits its mark. ...which elevates it to the upper echelon as far as skin flicks go in my book."