Sweet Prudence’s love letter to the Weekly World News

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Here at Sweet Prudence Central we believe in giving credit where credit is due, and with that in mind we wanted to tip our hat to the greatest and most dedicated researchers of the Bigfoot phenomena – The Weekly World News.   Without this sadly defunct monument to fine journalism Bigfoot might never have graduated from a piece of folklore to having his own allegedly factual documentary television series.

And we should also applaud the fact that major broadcasters have pretty much thrown that whole credibility thing out the window and followed the Weekly World News lead.

Bigfoot never got quite as much ink as Batboy, the WWN official mascot but he still made a plethora of appearances.  If only life was like the Weekly World News.

Here are some of our favorite Bigfoot cover stories from the heyday of the WWN.





But don’t cry – The Weekly World News is still there, if only in an online format- still tearing away the veil of ignorance that has long blinded the public and daring to tell the real truth.  You should go to their site www.weeklyworldnews.com and have a look, maybe even buy some cool memorobillia.  Tell em Bigfoot sent you.

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