Sweet Prudence

Sweet Prudence

Hi everyone, and thanks for checking out my latest blog post.  This time I wanted to share some interesting Bigfoot factoids.

Many people think Bigfoot is a new phenomenon that started when Roger Patterson shot that very famous film in 1967.  But sightings of Bigfoot had actually been reported for hundreds of years by North American native tribes who called it many different names including Sasahevas or Sasquatch, which I think translates as “tall hairy Canadian person”.

There have been over 900 sightings of Bigfoot in North America, and another 200 in Canada…where they like to call it Sasquatch.  But North America isn’t the only place people see Bigfoot.  In the Himalaya’s he’s called a Yeti…or the Abominable Snowman, even though he never does anything very abominable.  But that’s not the worst nickname he’s gotten.  In Florida they call him a “Skunk Ape”, which is not a very nice name at all!  Maybe that’s why Bigfoot won’t come out and say hello.  People should try giving him nice names like “The really Awesome Snowman” and see if he starts to be more sociable.

Scientists deny that anything like Bigfoot exists, so how come people in different parts of the world have reported seeing the same thing for hundreds of years?  What do you have to say to that Mr. scientist man?



Did you know that when explorers heard the first reports of a Mountain Gorilla in 1847 it was dismissed as a crazy native legend?  It wasn’t until 1901 when an explorer actually saw a mountain gorilla that zoologists acknowledged them.  So it took almost fifty years for someone to make a verified sighting.   Maybe Bigfoot is getting ready to make an official appearance soon!

The first photograph of a gorilla taken in 1901

The first photograph of a gorilla taken in 1901

Some scientists also say that Bigfoot can’t exist because nobody has ever found a dead Bigfoot.  Hmm, maybe people have seen Bigfoot remains, but since they weren’t looking for a dead Bigfoot they just ignored it.  I mean when you go camping do you go poking around dead things you find in the woods, especially big smelly ones?  That would be pretty gross!  Plus when things die, other things eat them so they really don’t last very long.

Mean people say the only way to prove Bigfoot exists is to kill one and bring back the dead body, but that’s just wrong.  We should never kill anything and I would rather it stayed a mystery than let someone hurt it.  Nobody who wants to hurt Bigfoot or any other animal will ever be my friend.



Most of the photos people take of Bigfoot are out of focus, leading to the theory that in real life Bigfoot is blurry.



On my recent expedition I was fortunate enough to snap these photos.  Maybe I was just lucky.

Despite Bigfoot being harmless and never attacking anyone many women in have gone to the Weekly World News claiming to have Bigfoot’s baby.

Bigfoot's Love Slave

Weekly World News, September 13, 2004

So if you’re searching for Bigfoot you might want to bring some very large condoms.

Oh, some people report that Bigfoot smells very bad but that could just be one specific Bigfoot with bad hygiene.  Just to be safe you might want to wear one of these.

As you can see a gas mask can be both practical and sexy!


Or you can just use the more portable version.

Or you can just use the more portable version.

If you do go searching for bigfoot you have to be very careful, bring water, a flashlight, a camera, a first aid kit and of course this!

Sweet Prudence


Most Bigfoot sightings occur at night, so you should always have a night vision camera.  I was just testing my new one with a little help from my friend Ginger.  What do you think?

Ginger’s Shower Scene by SweetPrudence

And my final bit of information – some people claim that Bigfoot is just another species of ape, similar to a Gorilla.  But from my experience they are wrong.  You see the Male Gorilla’s penis is three only inches long!  Look it up, it’s true.  Now if you watch my movie on Cinemax, or Max Go you’ll see very clearly that Bigfoot is NOT a gorilla.

Gorilla carrying woman



Sweet Prudence with bigfootTRUST ME, HE’S NOT A GORILLA!!!

Well those are some Bigfoot facts that you can share with your friends.  I’m sweet prudence your personal tour guide to the unexplained.  Come back next time when we’ll dive into the legendary Loch Ness Monster.  Bring your swimsuit; I’ll be wearing mine.

Until next time…. and don’t forget to watch Sweet Prudence & the Erotic Adventure of Bigfoot on Cinemax, or MAXGO.