Watch Sweet Prudence on 17th of June on Thirller Max and the 15th, 20th, 23rd and 28th of July on HBO Zone and online on Maxgo. Continue reading
So yeah, SWEET PRUDENCE & THE EROTIC ADVENTURES OF BIGFOOT is one of those flicks you "happen upon" late at night on cable. One of the films that earned Cinemax the nom de plume Skinemax. It's a lo fi T&A film with lots of sex, a bare bones plot, and acting that consists of plasticine models whose faces seem to be stuck with a doe-eyed wonder look and buff dudes who like to walk around with their shirts unbuttoned. It's also got Bigfoot in it and since this is a Bigfoot column, I felt it was my duty to watch it and report back to you guys about it. Continue reading
Sweet Prudence and the Erotic Adventure of Bigfoot, the all new feature film from the producer of the hit erotic series Lingerie & Forbidden Science, now available on MAXGO, Cinemax's Video on Demand Channel! Continue reading
BIG NEWS FOR BIGFOOT LOVERS!!! AMERICAN BROADCAST PREMIERE ON CINEMAX April 6th at Midnight and additional plays on the 10th, 15th, 23rd and 28th of April. Continue reading
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All the critics are sweet on Prudence

"There's a truly quaint retro-Russ Meyer vibe running through it that makes it a fluid drenched joy to watch"

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"There actually is a lot of humor here and most of the time it actually hits its mark. ...which elevates it to the upper echelon as far as skin flicks go in my book."